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VMware and HyperV


Virtualization Services are used to improve servers by installing a Hypervisor like VMware or HyperV. We do this by moving existing servers/workloads to new hardware with VMware or HyperV. Which one we choose depends on whether we use physical or virtual machines.

Benefits & Features

Backup & Restore Solutions
Improved Hardware Maintenance
Physical Server Space Reduced
Legacy Application Assistance
Faster Migrations & Updates
Enhanced Redundancy & Availability
24/7/365 Service Coverage
Why Us?

Why Admiresty's Virtualization Services

Do you have problems with your servers or spend too much money to maintain them? We can help you! Our team at Admiresty has certifications in Virtualization Technologies, such as VMWare and HyperV, and we work closely with the companies that make this technology. We have the knowledge and experience to find the best solutions for your business. We've helped many customers and have been doing this for over 20 years.