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Information Technology Managed Services:

  • Full, Partial or Monitoring Only Service
    • Full Service is Setup, Management and Monitoring
    • Partial Service is Initial Setup and Monitoring, with no Management.
    • Monitoring Only is Basic Monitoring service and Alerts to your onsite team.
  • Every MSP Package includes:
    • IT Policy and Program Creation
      • We evaluate your requirements and create a policy and program that fits your specific needs.
    • Scoping / Evaluating potential IT solutions
      • Give us a challenge you’re facing and from an IT standpoint we will evaluate and implement solutions that addresses your issue.
    • IT Operations, Network, and Security Performance Monitoring
      • Simply put, we monitor every device on your network. We recommend changes based on performance reviews and we optimize existing hardware & software to get the peak performance from your devices and software.
      • We have a bird’s eye view of your entire network, so we can see the threats before they even enter your network. From there, we can either mitigate the threat in real-time or refer the threat to your onsite team for mitigation.
    • Helpdesk Support
      • Simple IT helpdesk with access for all your end-users. They’re able to submit tickets to us directly with our intuitive interface and Quick Support option directly from our website.
      • For jobs that charge additional prices, we seek approval from your management team before we begin work.
    • Network Application Monitoring and Management
      • We will monitor your internal applications and in most cases your external applications as well. For this, we usually setup an open-source SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) software that monitors the logs and events that happen within your application. Although the installation of the SIEM will have a one-time fee charged, everything after is free.
      • Management of Applications include but will not be limited to:
        • Adding/Updating/Deleting Users
        • Tweaking system settings
        • Setting up third-party integrations
        • Ask us if we can support specific situations!
    • Email Management
      • We will setup & manage your email server.
      • If you use Microsoft 365, you can check out the MSP plan here. If you currently have an MSP plan, we will waive up to 75% off additional MSP plans.
    • Hardware Management (this service incurs additional fees)(fees are discounted if you have a MSP plan)
      • Our in-house technicians will resolve any hardware issues with your device. Our Ship&Fix plan offers a flat fee repair for most hardware devices.
      • If our in-house technicians can’t fix the issue, we’ll arrange for the item to be repaired by the manufacturer.
      • If device is within it warranty window and the issue is covered under warranty, we will arrange the repair.

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