Introducing OpenTech by Admiresty - Our New IT Support Service!

Managed Services Hourly

No difference. Just paid hourly. 😁 ❤️ 👌

We recommend purchasing in blocks. Your hours will be added to your account to use whenever you need them.


Users / DevicesPrice Per Hour

Example: A job takes 3 hours and involves 30 devices, your rate per hour is $125 and you'll pay $375 + applicable taxes & fees..

Note: This is calculated based off users or devices affected, not the amount of users or devices in the organization. So if 45 devices are affected, then you'll be in the tier 1 bracket.

Retainer / Block Time

Block TimeRate Per Hour
1-5 Hours$150
6-8 Hours$145
9-11 Hours$140
12+ Hours$135

Example: You get 12 hours for $135 per hour, your total will be $1620 + applicable taxes & fees.