Introducing OpenTech by Admiresty - Our New IT Support Service!
New Device Setup

Imaging & Deployment

Getting a new device ready for your business can be expensive and cause delays. We take care of the preparation work for you, so you can focus on other things. Our service saves you time by delivering devices that are ready to use right away. We make a special computer design that fits your business needs. This design can be customized for different departments in your company.

Before, getting a user started on a new device took a long time – like weeks. Now, it only takes a few days from when the device is bought to when it's ready to be used.

Benefits & Features

Overview of Software Applications
Less Time, Effort, & Cost
Standardized Computer Images
Delivery & Shipment of Ready-to-Use Devices
Expert Assistance for End-Users
Bare-Metal Installations
Secure Storage of Spare Devices
Why Us?

Why Admiresty's Imaging and Deployment?

At Admiresty, we use the latest software and methods to make the process of delivering computers faster. We can do this quickly regardless of how many computers are needed, whether it's one, five, fifty, or one hundred. This is made possible by our efficient Imaging and Deployment process.