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Security Awareness

Enterprise Security Awareness

Your employees are important in protecting your business from cyber-attacks. Security awareness training can help your employees learn how to protect your organization and is a good investment. If someone clicks a wrong email, your entire network could be at risk, and your organization could be seriously affected. Admiresty can help enroll your employees in a quality security training program, which is regularly updated to keep the training up-to-date.

Keeps You Safer.

Benefits & Features

Increased Security Awareness
Minimized Risk of Cyber-attacks
Phishing Test Baseline to Tailor Your Training
Annual Training Courses
Simulated Phishing Tests
Why Us?

Why Admiresty's Enterprise Security Awareness Training?

At Admiresty, we ask our clients what they're worried about so we can decide how often to train them. Then we give them a test to see if they might fall for phishing. We use the KnowBe4 platform to do all of this. Admiresty clients will get regular tests and training based on their results. They can make an account on KnowBe4 and keep track of how they're doing.