Introducing OpenTech by Admiresty - Our New IT Support Service!
Supplemental IT

Bucket Hour Services

Bucket hours means that you can hire additional IT staff from Admiresty to help your company. They can help with things your current IT staff might not know or be able to do, and can give you IT support when you need it. You don't have to commit to hiring them long-term; you can just use them when you need them. These bucket hours agreements are really flexible and start from just 100 hours per year.

Supplemental IT Support

Benefits & Features

Purchase What You Need
No Long-Term Commitment
Superior Expertise
Quantity Discounts
Why Us?

Why Admiresty's Bucket Hours?

Admiresty's Bucket Hour Services can provide you an IT expert who can visit your office once a week to check your IT environment or assist you with one-time projects. Our team of experts can help you complete your project quickly, affordably, and correctly.