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Managed Backup as a Service

Got Backups?

Preserves Your Brand Value and Reputation
Deploys Backups of Necessary Systems
Maintains Your Infrastructure for Potential Issues
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Off-Site Backup

Achieve the 3-2-1 backup rule with Workspaces Managed Backup service.

Malware Protection

Your backups are scanned for malware while being transferred to secure servers.


We support your business every step of the way. Fast, easy support.


Prices as low as 0.09¢

In addition to GB prices, device backup management prices are as follows:  
Devices Price Metric
1 - 50 $ 1.00 Device
50 - 100 $ 0.92 Device
100 - 150 $ 0.82 Device
150 - 250 $ 0.77 Device
250+ $ 0.72 Device

No Managed Service

User has 50 GB of backup data. User is in Tier 1 and will pay $12.50 per month. If User does not want to move to Tier 2, User can pay for additional storage at $ 0.35/GB. User has 14 GB of additional storage, User will now pay $ 17.40 per month. In total, User has 50 GB of Tier 1 storage and 14 GB of additional storage.

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule
The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Admiresty uses the 3-2-1 method to store backups of your data. We can use providers of your choice, or you can use our vast network of storage providers.

Your data. Your terms.

Managed on your terms.

Choose your level of SLAs and management.
Self-Service to Fully Managed portals.

New Release

Why choose managed backup as a service?

Storing backups on a remote system adds another layer of security while enabling organizations to access their data from anywhere.

Proactive Monitoring
Proactive Monitoring
We actively monitor your facilities, data centers, and cloud storage to ensure everything runs smoothly. If something goes wrong, we address it immediately.
24/7/365 Recovery & Restoration
24/7/365 Recovery & Restoration
If your data is lost or compromised, you can rest easy knowing that Admiresty is already working on recovering any lost files and restoring your systems to normal.
Minimizes Downtime
Minimizes Downtime
Managed backup protects your data from common cyber threats so that in the off-chance your systems are infiltrated; you don't have to pause operations while scrambling to recover lost or stolen files.